PORT is an alliance of agricultural-focused conservation organizations dedicated to preserving America's working farms and ranches and conserving productive agricultural lands. Differentiating PORT members from other conservation organizations is the close and strong affiliations that PORT members have with their state livestock associations. PORT was formed to increase the impact that its members could have on national land conservation policy, represent the needs of working lands and agricultural producers within America’s broader land trust community, and enhance the sharing of information and expertise. Together, PORT members have conserved more than 2.2 million acres of the American west. Nationally, this represents roughly one in every six acres currently conserved through conservation easements held by private, non-profit organizations.



for the conserving working lands and western heritage for the benefit and wellbeing of future generations.


PORT works across five areas to support its mission:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of existing and future ag land conservation legislation and programs
  • Facilitating the sharing of information and expertise among members
  • Expanding funding sources for ag land conservation
  • Improving landowner awareness of conservation tools and public understanding of land stewardship
  • Promoting the highest business standards for members