Our Mission

Advocating for the conserving working lands and western heritage for the benefit and wellbeing of future generations.


"Agriculture...is our wisest pursuit because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness."

Thomas Jefferson to George Washington August 17, 1787

PORT members work to conserve un-fragmented agricultural landscapes and economically viable farms and ranches through voluntary, incentive-based methods. In order to support this conservation approach, members of PORT agree to adhere to the following operating principles:

  • Pursuit of conservation mechanisms that support the long-term protection of agricultural land, but have minimal impact on the landowner's day-to-day management decisions.

  • Rejection of conservation efforts that result in a net long-term increase in public lands or employ any type of condemnation action.

  • Recognition of the role of sustainable land uses as a means of maintaining open and productive landscapes.

  • Rejection of the acquisition of conservation easements with the intent to transfer to governmental ownership.

  • Respect the rights of individual landowners to make decisions regarding public access issues on private lands.

  • In principal and except under special circumstances, avoid long term fee title ownership as a means of land conservation.

  • Acceptance of conservation easements on properties which represent a significant positive contribution to agriculture by themselves, as part of a working landscape, or to the surrounding agricultural community.